XXL Twin

XXL Twin
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XXL Twin

A common sight in many college dorm rooms, twin XXL mattress sets are appearing in more and more private homes. A full 9 inches longer than a standard twin mattress, a twin XXL mattress is great for folks looking some extra sleeping room. A mattress set is defined as a mattress and a traditional box spring or suitable box foundation.

A standard twin size mattress measures 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. A twin XXL mattress maintains the standard width of 39 inches but is 84 inches long. That extra 9 inches can mean a lot to folks on the taller side of life. No more feet hanging off the end of the bed or cramped toes under the sheets. For anyone who just wants some more room to stretch out, a twin XXL mattress set can be just the ticket.

Many colleges and universities supply twin XXL beds to students in the dormitories. The reason is simple practicality. When providing housing to thousands of students, schools have figured out that it is easier and more cost effective to use twin XXL beds. There is no need to worry about which students may need a longer bed and there are fewer bed parts to keep track of.

Twin XXL Mattress Accessories

Owning a twin XXL mattress does necessitate some special accessories not needed for standard bed sizes. First is the size of the foundation or box spring which must match the size of the mattress. An extra long foundation or box spring looks just like a standard size and is designed and built the same way. Whether to use a box foundation or a box spring depends on the type of mattress you have.

A standard innerspring mattress will likely feel better atop a box spring and many innerspring mattresses are designed with a box spring in mind. Mattress manufacturers often design the mattress and box spring as a set. Some twin XXL mattresses are designed to be used either a box spring or a box foundation.

As twin XXL mattresses and other mattress sizes have gotten thicker, the use of box foundations has become more common. Without the springs, a box foundation provides a solid surface to support the mattress in the frame. Plush top, pillow top and European top mattresses have the support built in and do not require the use of a box spring. Some folks choose to skip using any type of foundation and opt instead for a platform type frame. Platform frames are specifically designed to support a mattress without the need for a box spring or box foundation.

When purchasing a twin XXL mattress, or any other size mattress, be sure to check the fine print in manufacturer's warranty. Some manufacturers stipulate that you must use their foundation or box spring and not doing so could void the warranty. Some retailers go as far as to tell customers that using another brand of box spring or foundation will damage the mattress. This is a high pressure sales tactic designed to get customers to buy a set instead of just a mattress.

Owning a twin XXL mattress set will also require having a supply of extra long twin sheets. Bed sheets designed for a standard length twin mattress simply will not fit on a twin XXL mattress. A set of twin XXL bed sheets should include a fitted bottom sheet, a top sheet and a pillow case or cover. Sheet sets for extra long mattresses are not always available through local retail stores. The good news is that quality bed sheet sets for twin XXL beds can be found through a number of online retail sources.

A must-have bedding item for any size mattress set is a quality fitted mattress pad. A mattress pad will help to keep your twin XXL mattress clean, protecting your investment. Better still is to use a fitted mattress pad along with a mattress cover. A mattress cover encloses that entire mattress and keeps the mattress free of dirt and dust mites. Make sure the cover you buy is machine washable.